EU-OSHA report 2020. Future of agriculture and forestry: implications for safety and health

The EU-OSHA report (91 pages) explores OSH challenges in the sector. The OSH risks in Europe’s agriculture and forestry sector threaten its long-term viability.

Opportunities and risks are discussed such as the emergence of smart farming technologies and climate change.

There is a need to address the often atypical employment practices and the lack of transparent, robust reporting on accidents and ill health. Recommendations are made for tackling the issues and ensuring the sector’s sustainability.

There is still a major social-economic deficit in farming today, owing to the marginal profitability and low income for many small farmers (who make up the majority of farmers), undermining the social sustainability of farming and forestry. This socio-economic deficit affects the ability of the sector to fully embrace and manage growing trends, such as digitalisation, climate change, societal pressures and labour market developments, and is linked to the poor level of OSH protection.

Future agriculture and forestry, implications safety and health



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