Article on a repository / database referring to the world literature on Basic Occupational Health Services (2023)

A Repository for Publications on Basic Occupational Health Services and Similar Health Care Innovations

Frank J. van Dijk and Suvarna Moti

March 2023, an article was published on the first collection of national and international publications on the topic of Basic Occupational Health Services and similar healthcare innovations. The development, underlying literature searches, and global content are described.

Background: For more than 80% of the global workforce, occupational health services are not available. Informal workers, workers in agriculture and in small enterprises, and self-employed are most underserved. Many are working in hazardous conditions. WHO, ILO, ICOH, IOHA, IEA and WONCA (family doctors) promote basic occupational health services (BOHS) focused on workers’ health, integrated into primary or community health care. Quality information on this topic is not easy to find. In this study is described how an open-access repository or bibliography has been developed referring to publications on BOHS and similar innovations. The aim is to support progress and research.

Methods: The database design and sustaining literature searches (PubMed, Google Scholar, SciELO) are described. For each publication selected, basic bibliographic data, a brief content description considering copyright restrictions, and a hyperlink are included.

Results: Searches resulted in a database containing 189 references to publications such as articles in scientific journals, reports, policy documents, and abstracts of lectures. A global perspective is applied in 43 publications, a national or regional perspective in 146 publications. Operational and evaluative research material is scarce. Examples of references to publications are shown.

Conclusion: The repository can inspire policymakers and pioneers by showing practices in different countries and can be used for reviews and in-depth analyses. Missing publications can be added and translated. International collaboration must be intensified substantially to promote universal occupational health coverage for all workers.

Van Dijk FJ, Moti S. A Repository for Publications on Basic Occupational Health Services and Similar Health Care Innovations. Saf Health Work. 2023; 14:50-58.  PMID: 36941938 Free PMC article.

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