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Terms of use of the website

This website provides you the ease and freedom in selecting information and educational material that is mostly freely accessible following the vision of open access. You are free to interpret the information given on this website, and to implement the information in decisions for action. You bear your own responsibility for interpretation and decision, and any action is for your own risk.

Freedom and open access do not mean that the use of this website and its material is free of restrictions. Most of the learning material referenced to on this site is licensed under the conditions of Creative Commons. This means that you may use the materials within the conditions of the original licenses, as specified by the originators (authors) or institutes themselves. These conditions are mentioned or linked in the descriptions of the material e.g. in the library. For scientific articles, books and other materials Copyright or Creative Commons conditions may exist. Please check the conditions of the licenses carefully. In conclusion, you may use the material provided that the terms of use of the original authors and/or owners are respected. In all cases, copyright remains with the originators of the materials.

You may only use the LDOH website if you respect the following limitations.

Firstly, hacking of this website is illegal. In addition, you must not disturb the normal operation of this website, nor add information to its pages, nor modify any content. You must not upload, nor install, nor exchange, materials being or containing destructive material like viruses, malware, or Trojans.

You may not reproduce all parts of this website without the prior permission of the owners of this website, i.e. the LDOH foundation, Hilversum, The Netherlands. If you want to print part of the site content, with the aim to create broader publicity or to commercially exploit (part of) the information, you may not do this without our prior permission.

Intellectual property rights


The website of LDOH, inclusive the Workers’ Health Education library, is protected by Copyright. The copyright belongs to the LDOH foundation, Hilversum, The Netherlands.

Intellectual property rights of materials referenced to on the LDOH website

The materials referenced to on this website and the downloadable documents may be used, copied or otherwise multiplied, provided that all copies retain the original intellectual property rights, restrictions, and conditions of use. The same restrictions hold also for modifying, editing or extracting (parts of) the content.

Payment for services or products

The LDOH foundation can offer gratis products and products for sale. Books are covered by the 6% VAT rate while selling in the Netherlands. For selling books to EU countries no VAT rates will be calculated as we will never pass the thresholds in the various EU countries. For selling books to countries not belonging to EU no VAT rates need to be calculated in the Netherlands.

The WHE library, being part of the LDOH website, is a free-of-charge facility and it strives to provide access to the educational materials free of charge to the users. However, the library may include low-priced learning materials offered by non-profit organizations such as universities that need modest financial contributions to develop new learning materials and to offer services to users. It will be indicated on the description of the learning material that the material will be charged for by the owner(s). The charging, if any, will not be done via the LDOH website.

Privacy policy

In general we do not collect personal information from you as a user of the website. However, when you download a book or other digital material published by the LDOH foundation, or when you order e.g. a printed book, we ask for your name and e-mail address. In this way we can send you the file or printed book or other material. We can use that information as well to send you, at the moment of downloading or ordering, or at another moment later in time, the LDOH Newsletter and information related to the publication ordered or downloaded. We can also use the e-mail address for a voluntary evaluation survey, related to the use of and satisfaction with ordered or downloaded material. We will not use the addresses for other purposes. The personal information will not be distributed toward third parties.