Comprehensive course materials including a Teacher’s Manual, on Work and Health in Agriculture (2023)


The materials are free to download at Course Materials Work and Health in Agriculture. 

Comprehensive course materials have been developed for professionals interested to organize a course on health problems due to work in agriculture. The course is intended for practitioners in primary, community, and occupational health care, for example, physicians, nurses, and others working in rural areas or preparing for such work. The materials are free-of-charge available.

The Course materials comprise the programs, suggestions for teachers, and assignments for participants for 17 classes (lessons) scheduled in three days, including a farm visit. Thirteen classes each are devoted to one of the 13 chapters of the textbook Work and Health in Agriculture (2022, 145 pages with many illustrations) freely available as an e-book at New Book Work and Health in Agriculture. The chapters concern diseases and risk factors, and – in brief – basic occupational health services (BOHS) related to agriculture. The emphasis is on conditions in low and middle-income countries.

The Course materials, which are freely available, include a comprehensive Teacher’s Manual and subfolders with materials separately for teachers and participants. The materials have been developed by the same authors as the book: Maarten Verberk and Frank van Dijk in collaboration with a team of LDOH experts.

In addition to the book, the materials contain presentations available for the teachers during the classes, several forms for evaluation, and other useful texts. The users of the materials are free to adapt the content to the local situation and their insights.


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