Education – development, evaluation and dissemination

The quality of education and training in Occupational Safety and Health could be enhanced. New initiatives are needed, among others in interactive learning and in interdisciplinary learning practice. New fields are waiting for new educational programs such as programs supporting basic occupational health services offered by primary or community health care.  OSH experts must be trained in new roles as educators and coaches. They are needed for regional referral options for complex issues. 

Online and blended learning offers new opportunities.

Pioneering international organizations are EASOM (European Association of Schools of Occupational Medicine), IOMSC (International Occupational Medicine Society Collaborative), OHTA (Occupational Hygiene Training Association, ENETOSH (European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health), ICOH (Scientific Committee on Education and Training in OH), and WHWB (Workplace Health Without Borders).

In 2017 we started our international e-library for online learning materials (lessons, modules, courses). We offer access to quality materials on OSH that provide more than just a series of slides.

Current education topics for LDOH are education for workers’ health in primary or community health care (BOHS), and education in OSH for agriculture. We are already for a long time active in educating in finding reliable online information on OSH, for OSH professionals and experts. See our publications and our bookshop (all free of charge).