How to find reliable OSH information

Professionals, workers, and managers are often exploring the internet in search of answers to their concerns. Printed books and scientific journals are steadily being replaced by online sources, also in the domain of Occupational Safety and Health. Finding, selecting, and using relevant and reliable online information and education, is challenging. A new knowledge infrastructure could be created including road maps.

The LDOH foundation supports capacity building in this area by various means. One is the writing and publishing of the book “Occupational Safety and Health online, how to find reliable information” (third edition, 2016; free to download from in English, Spanish, and Turkish) to guide searching practices. Hundreds of printed copies are distributed and more than 1000 free digital book copies are downloaded from our website. In addition, many digital copies are further distributed and used in different parts of the world. Both journals, Occupational Medicine (London, UK) and the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (USA) published a very positive review of the book respectively in 2018 and 2019, recommending the book for OSH professionals. The open-access article Where to find evidence-based information on OSH was published in January 2021 in the Annals of Global Health (350 downloads Dec. 2023) to find via

Another activity of LDOH is the organization of lessons, interactive workshops, and sessions in congresses on this topic, as we did in many countries.

Finding reliable online OSH information

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