Basic Occupational Health Services

The term Basic Occupational Health Services (BOHS) refers to health care given by primary or community health care in favor of workers’ health. Prevention of work-related diseases and accidents is important but also support of workers with a chronic disease of handicap to keep their job. It is essential health care for 85 % of all workers having no access to expert-based Occupational Health Services. BOHS is in development in countries as Thailand, Iran, Indonesia, India, China, Türkiye, and Brazil. But in these countries, there is still a lot of work to do. In for example Chile, Southern Africa, and Nigeria, BOHS is mentioned as needed urgently. In other countries, Public Health organizations are performing similar activities such as the organization of health care for migrant workers in agriculture in USA. Family doctors and clinicians in hospitals in many European countries are increasingly active in the area of workers’ health.

New forms of BOHS are tested successfully such as health clinics with reach-out activities in high-risk working areas in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Regional occupational health support centers are active in Scandinavian countries. In India and Malaysia, a series of workshops were given for healthcare professionals to develop basic skills in workplace hazard identification, assessment, and control.

We support the development of various services or care, co-organizing international workshops and sessions, often part of ICOH congresses and meetings.

In October 2022, we published a unique online BOHS database/repository with descriptions and direct referrals to 189 publications on this topic. A scientific article was published in March 2023. Co-author in both works is Suvarna Moti (Indian Association of Occupational Health).

In 2022 we published the book Work and Health in Agriculture for the education of professionals in primary, community, and occupational health care. In 2023 a comprehensive package of learning materials for a course on this topic has been released.

All publications and learning materials are free of charge and to be found in the LDOH online shop.

Publications on Basic Occupational Health Services

Van Dijk FJ, Buijs PC. Manual for primary health care on Basic Occupational Health Services. Encouraging publication from India, focused on informal occupations. Asia Pac Fam Med (2017)…

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