About LDOH

Mission of LDOH

The mission of the Learning and Developing Occupational Health (LDOH) Foundation is to promote good education for occupational safety and health professionals and to support access to basic occupational health services for all workers. The final goal is the prevention of accidents and work-related diseases, often causing loss of working capacity and poverty for the workers, their families, and communities. In this effort, we want to join other initiatives in the overarching objective of Universal Health Coverage (WHO).

Given the huge shortage of well-educated professionals in the world, the foundation wants to contribute to new education and training programs.  We see it as a challenge to use new online opportunities, often in blended forms, mixed with face-to-face contacts. International and interdisciplinary collaboration is a must, given the scarce resources and the common challenges.

Target groups

Our focus is on Occupational Safety and Health experts and engaged professionals and volunteers in primary and community (public) healthcare. We are also committed to experts and professionals working in other healthcare institutions, education, enterprises, or international organizations. We want to collaborate in coping with the huge global need for innovations in health care and education to improve health and safety at work for all workers.

Who are we

The foundation LDOH is an initiative of occupational health experts, who have completed occupational health education and projects all over the world.

What does the Foundation LDOH offer

– The library of education in Occupational Safety and Health

In the library, you will find a selection of learning materials that are available on the Internet free of charge or for low prices, mostly developed by public or nonprofit organizations.

– Education on Occupational Safety and Health

Topics are OSH in agriculture, Basic Occupational Health Services, and finding reliable OSH information online. You can find books, lectures, and workshop materials for free on our website.

– Books

We offer a free-of-charge digital version of the book “OSH online. How to find reliable information” (English, Spanish, and Turkish versions). In November 2022, we published a book on Occupational Safety and Health in Agriculture for primary, community, and occupational health care. In addition, a complete course on work and health in agriculture has been developed, including many easy-to-use materials such as a Teacher’s Manual. The book and course are free-of-charge available in our online bookshop accessible via this website.

More about the Foundation LDOH

The LDOH is an international foundation, not-for-profit, founded in July 2014. The international experts connected with LDOH have a long tradition of national and international activities in the OH field, working in various academic, professional, and educational functions. Programs and projects were completed in many countries, mostly working in international teams and often in connection with international organizations such as ICOH, ILO, WHO, WONCA, ENETOSH, and EASOM.

The LDOH is an official Charity according to Dutch law.

Background of why we do this

Poor working conditions and poor education and information result in high rates of occupational and work-related diseases and injuries, including fatalities, and in low productivity and low work participation rates. This is true both in high and low-income countries. Policies and concrete measures should be in place to reduce the risks and to strengthen human capacities preventing the losses of lives, health, and working capacity.

Professional Occupational Safety and Health organizations and activities are needed to support workers, enterprises, and communities in the improvement of working conditions and health. Work participation of vulnerable groups such as migrants and people with chronic medical conditions, may need tailor-made professional assistance. However, the large majority of workers and enterprises don’t have professional aid. Appropriate online information and referral facilities for complex cases are often missing. In several countries, well-educated primary and community health care provides basic activities for workers’ health. In this way, primary and community health care can make a difference. Still, many experts in occupational safety and health are needed for education, support, and referrals. 

As education is essential in capacity building for Occupational Safety and Health, our mission is to support various professionals through developing and promoting good quality education on Occupational Safety and Health.

Collaborations and Partners

We cooperate actively with universities, national institutes, R&D institutes, schools for graduate and postgraduate education, and continuous professional development education or CME for OSH professionals, professional associations, social security institutions, sector and branch organizations, and social partners. Internationally, we collaborate with ICOH, WHO, ILO, WONCA, EASOM and ENETOSH. Interdisciplinary and international collaboration is not a luxury, it is a must.

Sponsor policy

Sponsor policy has to be developed.


The Foundation LDOH has a written remuneration policy.

You can find the document here: LDOH Remuneration Policy 23-2-2017

Annual Financial Report

You can find the documents for the years 2020 and 2019 here:

Annual Financial Report LDOH 2021

Annual Financial Report 2020 LDOH

Annual Financial Report LDOH 2019

Annual Reports

You can find the document for the years 2018-2019 and for the year 2020 here:

LDOH Annual Report 2018-2019

LDOH Annual Report 2020

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We find it important to stay in contact with our customers and anyone who is interested in our work. Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions and other queries.

Members of International Advisory Board

Katja Radon

Prof. Dr. Katja Radon, epidemiologist with focus on occupational safety and health and

Claudio Colosio

Department of Health Sciences of the University of Milano. Medical Doctor, specialized in

Roberto Lucchini

Roberto Lucchini 

MD and Professor of Occupational and Preventive Medicine at the University of Brescia,

Rene Mendes

René Mendes

MD, Master and Doctor of Public Health, former Head Professor of Occupational Health

Norbert Wagner

Norbert Wagner

Associate professor, consultant at National University of Singapore, Saw Swee Hock School of

Members of LDOH Board

Teake Pal

Teake (TM) Pal (MD, PhD)

Board member  Occupational physician specialized in clinical occupational medicine and occupational diseases. Areas

LDOH Staff Members

Maarten Verberk

Maarten (M) Verberk (MD, PhD)

Physician, toxicologist, epidemiologist (retired). Experience in occupational toxicology, dermatology, undergraduate and postgraduate occupational