WHO published manual for protecting health workers and responders in public health emergencies (2018)

WHO, in collaboration with ILO, has produced a Manual providing an overview of the main OSH risks faced by emergency responders during disease outbreaks and other emergencies. Think of natural disasters, chemical incidents, radiological emergencies and emergencies involving conflicts, to assist organizations and workplaces to better prepare and respond to these events. This information is particularly important in countries with high risk of emergencies – such as those with high transmission of highly infectious agents. The manual is focused on needs in low-resource settings and provides technical guidance on good practices and procedures that can reduce occupational exposures, injury, illness and death among response workers,; decrease stress and reduce fears.


https://www.who.int/occupational_health/publications/safety-health-public-health-emergencies/en/    (published 2018)



From Wikipedia (adapted) April 28:  Workers’ Memorial Day, World Day for Safety and Health…

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