COVID-19 Occupational Health for health care workers

COVID-19 Occupational Health for health care workers

Be prepared; track and trace, learn by doing..

Informative links and good examples.

In fighting against Corona health care workers are in the first line of attack and urgently need proper occupational health care to protect themselves, their patients and keep them fit for duty.

From Italy: ‘What really helped is that we know the health status of our hospital workers and can contact them by e-mail and phone. As soon as the first suspected cases visited our hospital, the vulnerable hospital staff members were ordered to stay at home and others got instruction to report to us any symptoms on a special app’.  Professor Claudio Colosio, responsible for the occupational health unit in one of the two university hospitals in Milano shared his experiences in a webinar organized by WHO. Further reading…

Links to WHO webinars, courses, reports, graphics

WHO online courses on COVID-19, including occupational respiratory protection and IPC:

Portal for research and development:

WHO is publishing daily situation reports on COVID-19:

WHO COVID-19 Risk Communication Package For Healthcare Facilities (PDF download):

Daily update of COVID-19 statistics worldwide:

A series of graphics from around the globe on the development of COVID-19:


From Wikipedia (adapted) April 28:  Workers’ Memorial Day, World Day for Safety and Health…

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