Where to find evidence-based Occupational Safety and Health information (article, 2021)

The article Where to find evidence-based information on OSH has been published in the Annals of Global Health in January 2021. The authors are Frank van Dijk and Yohama Caraballo-Arias, staff members of LDOH. This Open Access article is to find via https://annalsofglobalhealth.org/articles/10.5334/aogh.3131/.

The authors explain why – in many cases – there is no good alternative for searching for online information, although books still have an important function. They show the great opportunities of online information and some risks. All professionals need sufficient training in searching, selecting and applying online information.

The paper is appropriate for educational purposes, explaining how to search and find the newest reliable online information, supporting professional practice, education and studies. The article provides hyperlinks to publications and to e-lessons supporting skills in online searching.

Well-known issues are briefly discussed such as on how to phrase questions, the use of PICO, advantages of PubMed, VHL and Cochrane reviews. In addition, attention is paid to using Google, the future opportunities of Dynamed Plus, where to find reliable websites and what to think of Wikipedia. The paper includes many useful and recent references.

In a few days time, positive comments came from experts working in more than 15 countries in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

New article. Where to find evidence-based Occupational Safety and Health information


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