Basic Occupational Health Services in Bangladesh, the MSF Dhaka model (article 2017)

Muralidhar and colleagues of the Médecins Sans Frontiérs (MSF) published a remarkable case report in the BMJ on the establishment of basic occupational health services (BOHS) in community primary care in heavily polluted areas of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Basic occupational health services were started for workers and families in tannery, metal, plastics and garment industries in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for the prevention and treatment of work-related and occupational diseases. More than 3000 workers came to the center for one or more consultations. About one in seven of these workers were diagnosed with suspected work-related diseases. Follow-up interventions were organized. Risk inventories were arranged in the industries.
This project demonstrates the urgent need for and the feasibility and usefulness of a well-developed innovative expert-based initiative in an urban industrial area where no expert-based occupational health services existed for the informal workers.


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