Sharing education

The foundation LDOH has the aim to stimulate sharing education in Occupational Safety and Health. We have most experience in the education of professionals working in occupational health care but we are also active in the education of primary and community health care professionals as far as related to workers’ health.

We think that there are many opportunities for better collaboration and for an exchange of visions and learning materials which are not yet being used. The quality of education and training could be enhanced. New initiatives can come from individual teachers and developers of education, but also from the Schools and Departments that organize education and training in Occupational Safety and Health.

In our e-library for online learning materials (lessons, workshops, courses) we offer already a variety of materials that teachers or students can use. We are curious to know from the educators if they need specific materials and if there are opportunities to bring in materials that we do not yet know.

At this moment we are considering in which other ways we can stimulate such a mutual co-operation and we like to hear from others what they think.