Book on Basic Occupational Health Services (BOHS) for Informal Industry in India. Education for Primary Health Care (2016)

Informal workers in India urgently need basic occupational health care. Therefore education in basic occupational health for primary and community health care professionals is crucial.

Of the Indian workers, 92 % is working in the informal sector without occupational health care. Many are working in agriculture, many others work in about 20 different branches of industry and occupations well described in the innovative book Basic Occupational Health Services (BOHS) for Informal Industry (Ramnik, Moti; IAOH 2016; order the book at the IAOH site .

Dr. Ramnik Parekh was one of the speakers at the Annual National Conference of the Indian Association of Occupational Health (IAOH), OCCUCON 2017. He stated that the situation is asking for the development of basic occupational health care for informal workers. Educating and motivating primary and community health care is one of the focus points. Recently, new dissemination activities were started by the IAOH.

His motivating short introduction can be followed using: .


Van Dijk FJ, Buijs PC. Manual for primary health care on Basic Occupational Health…

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