Occupational diseases surveillance (Antalya, Türkiye, 2017)

Under the title Bird watching and the art of Occupational Disease Surveillance, Van der Laan discusses what is needed for surveillance such as a list of occupational diseases with criteria, basic knowledge, instruments, an infrastructure, a plan how to do, dedicated observers, reporting, communication and mobilization. Similarities between bird watching and surveillance of occupational and work-related diseases are presented. Definitions of occupational health surveillance are given and a scheme on how to develop an adequate functioning system. Various national and international lists and classifications are shown and related to each other: national lists, EU, ILO and WHO ICD-11. Good practices from various countries show us elements of a good occupational diseases intelligence system. Quality indicators such as from Spreeuwers are barely needed.  Occ. diseases surveillance lecture, V d Laan. Antalya, Turkey, March 2017


The ILO List of Occupational Diseases explained Diagnostic and exposure criteria for occupational diseases…

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