EU ESPRIT project (2016-2018) LDOH participation

LDOH is participating in the EU ESPRIT project (2016-2018), on improving the R&D competences and the international network of the Public Health Institute of Turkey (Ministry of Health).

The goal of this program is enhancing the capacities on the topic of workers’ health surveillance for the detection and prevention of occupational diseases, by twinning with high level institutes in the Netherlands and Belgium with an excellent international network.

The formal partners in ESPRIT are the Public Health Institute of Turkey in Ankara,  the university of Gent in Belgium, and from the Netherlands TNO and the Free University in Amsterdam. The LMU university in Munich is in the process of publishing a revised Manual for training in Applied Research in OSH (2016/17)  with our support.


The ILO List of Occupational Diseases explained Diagnostic and exposure criteria for occupational diseases…

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