Work and Health in Agriculture, book cover for a printed version

Work and Health in Agriculture, book cover for a printed version

This book will be issued as an e-book in November 2022. The downloadable book cover (PDF) presented in this Post can be used, eventually, for a printed version of the book. Technical details: this so-called full cover has the format of 435 x 303 mm, a bit larger than the final A4 format. Such is needed for the final cutting in the printing process.

Authors are Maarten Verberk and Frank van Dijk, working in collaboration with many others. The publisher is the Learning and Developing Occupational Health Foundation (LDOH) in the Netherlands.

The publication is free-of-charge and licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. This means free distribution and adaptation, credit to the authors, only non-commercial use, and ‘share alike’.

The e-version can be downloaded from the LDOH website. We do not plan to produce a printed version now (end of November 2022).

When for example an OSH institution or university wants to print the book for the education and training of students or professionals, the attached book cover can be downloaded for (customized) use.

Another option is to print a translated or adapted version of the book.

We like to promote the dissemination and use of the book in e-book or in printed format, wherever possible.

We would appreciate it if you would inform us when a printed version, or when a translated or adapted version of the book is in preparation.


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