E-Lesson: Alert and sentinel approaches for identification of work-related diseases in EU (2020)

In the e-library you can find a referral to the new e-lesson on Alert and sentinel approaches for the identification of work-related diseases in the EU (OSHA Europe, December 2020).

This Powerpoint presentation deals with alert and sentinel systems to identify new and emerging occupational diseases. There are two versions, one for an expert and one for a non-expert audience. The presentation as based on a major research project. The lesson will enhance the understanding of effective approaches and the ways in which these can support policy-making and the evidence-based prevention.

The presentation can be useful for educational purposes giving an overview of four major systems for identifying occupational diseases:

  1. compensation-based systems
  2. systems for data collection and statistics
  3. sentinel systems
  4. public health systems


In about 10 years LDOH staff published 38 publications, including scientific papers, books, comprehensive…

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