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Tutorial Summer School in Kyrgyzstan

From 2-13  July 2018 a Summer School was organized in Kyrgyzstan with more than 40 participants and teachers, part of the EU Tutorial program. Participants came from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, docents from Italy, Estonia, Germany and the Netherlands (LDOH).

LDOH lectures for this summer school can be found in the Education part of the LDOH website.

The aim of the program is to strengthen education, research and innovation in Central Asia with a focus on module development in occupational and environmental health on a Master level. Six module proposals were created by the participants. From these proposals three have been selected to be finalized in the near future on respectively Air Pollution and Health Effects, Occupational Health, and Epidemiology/research methods.

In an open and interactive atmosphere topics in epidemiology, blended learning, occupational and environmental health were trained and discussed. The Summer School made a big input in strengthening connections between universities within the countries and on an international scale. The overall evaluation of the summer school made close to “excellent”.

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