Society of Occupational Medicine UK, seven free seminars on COVID-19 and beyond, January – March 2021

SOM / Public Health England – Work, Worklessness and Wellbeing – COVID-19 and beyond – free webinars.

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21st Jan 2-4 pm. Support for business to build back better – the benefits of age diversity. Register now

28th Jan 2-4 pm. Refreshing your approach to workplace diversity and inclusion post-2020. Register now

4th Feb 2-4 pm. Managing job insecurity and creating better quality work.                     Register now

11th Feb 2-4 pm. Managing stress, burnout and fatigue in health and social care.          Register now

24th Feb 2-4 pm. Promoting workplace health and wellbeing in COVID-19 and beyond. Register now

3rd March 2-4 pm. Developing a COVID secure health and wellbeing strategy.            Register now

10th March 2-4 pm. Managing change – from restructuring, redundancy to home working. Register now


How can occupational health help to shape the future?

Building on the raised awareness of the role of occupational health due to the Covid pandemic, SOM’s mission is to raise the profile and influence of a vibrant occupational health presence in the United Kingdom.  We want to support practitioners who are confident and skilled to take up their role within their organisations and beyond, whether in conversation with workers, managers, other stakeholders or politicians. SOM aims to continue to inspire OH practitioners towards compassionate, authentic, and principle-based leadership (and followership), to develop skills in team building and embracing diversity, to be agents of change with influencing ability, to hone active listening and conflict resolution skills, and to harness new technologies. We hope to help practitioners contribute to cultures of high-quality health input into workplaces.  As Dr Jenny Napier, chair of the SOM Leadership Group says “Leadership skills are relevant, whether or not a clinician has a formal leadership role.  Leadership is about evolving as a practitioner and team-member to contribute ever-more effective high-quality health input into workplaces.” The first 8 Leadership webinars are below (free for members otherwise book via

  1. Thurs 14 Jan 12-1pm SOM Leadership Series 1. Global Leadership in Occupational and Workplace Health. Dr Ivan Ivanov, MD, PhD Team Lead, , World Health Organization
  1. Thurs 11 Feb 12-1pm SOM Leadership Series 2. What is Occupational Health commercial providers looking for in a leader? Dr Paul Williams, Maximus
  1. Thurs 25 Feb 12-1pm SOM Leadership Series 3. Leading an MDT in OH. Janet O’Neill, Clinical Nurse Director
  1. Thurs 11 Mar 12-1pm SOM Leadership Series 4. CMO’s of the future. Dr Rikard Moen, CMO, Optima Health
  1. Thurs 25 Mar 12-1pm SOM Leadership Series 5. Leadership in research in work and health in the future. Professor Karen Walker-Bone, University of Southampton
  1. Thurs 8 Apr 12-1pm SOM Leadership Series 6. Leadership and speaking up. Dr Henrietta Hughes, NHS National Guardian
  1. Wed 14 Apr 12-1pm SOM Leadership Series 7. What is the NHS looking for in terms of OH leadership?   Dr Ali Hashstroudi, Leadership National School of Occupational Health
  1. Fri 16 Apr 12-1pm SOM Leadership Series 8. Getting the best out of teams. William Jefferson. Performance Catalyst


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