LDOH Annual Report 2016-2017

The LDOH Annual Report 2016 – 2017 is published, giving an overview of the activities of the foundation in both years.

The report starts with the mission and aims of LDOH. Still being a start-up the number of activities is steadily increasing. In most activities we are closely collaborating with colleagues from many countries as you can read in the report. Good connections with international organizations have been built up such as with ICOH, WONCA, ILO, WHO, ISSA, EU commissions, EASOM and IOHA.

Educational activities were undertaken in all five continents, varying from giving lectures to the organization of workshops and development of complete courses. In total more than 50 lectures and workshops were given.  In 2017 alone more than 700 digital and printed copies of the book OSH online, how to find reliable information (third edition in English and Spanish) were disseminated.  We were co-authors of nine articles, mostly dealing with education in occupational safety and health.

New activities were started as the development and launch of our online library of  education in OSH. Participation in programs was initiated as in SACURIMA (agriculture) and ENETOSH (mainstreaming OSH education). To promote workers’ health activities in primary health care we organized sessions in congresses and developed educational materials for the Netherlands. A short basic course on work and health in agriculture is now in development that we hope to publish soon.

The report can be downloaded by clicking here:   LDOH Annual Report 2016-2017, July 2018  .



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