Interdisciplinary workshop on how to find reliable information online (2.5 day workshop in Zagreb, Croatia, 2018). Free materials.

The LDOH has developed a 2.5 day interdisciplinary workshop on ‘How to find reliable information online’ for professionals and experts in Occupational Safety and Health. The first actual workshop was organized December 2018 in Zagreb, for staff members of the Croatian Institute for Health and Safety at Work. The meetings were interactive, staff members were working on knowledge questions that were important for their daily work. The evaluation of the workshop by the participants was very positive.

The foundation LDOH is prepared to give the same or a similar workshop in other countries, in good collaboration with experts of that country. The workshop can also be extended to Public Health professionals and experts.

The basis of this unique workshop is the book “Occupational Safety and Health online, How to find reliable information”, free to download from this website. The workshop has a strong focus on PubMed/MEDLINE, Cochrane reviews and evidence-based guidelines. However, in other lessons much attention is given to other sources to find in specific reliable websites or to search with Google (Scholar) or YouTube. New elements are appraisal of the quality of search engines and various sources, recommendations on how to search for toxicological questions and a discussion about the knowledge infrastructure needed.

All learning materials of the Workshop are now prepared for Open Access. This regards eight presentations with in total more than 200 slides, the program, learning objectives, the assignment, an evidence-based search log and other learning materials. All materials are Open Access, can be used free-of-charge, protected by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International: CC BY 4.0 (see

Course lectures (lessons), program and other learning materials can be downloaded:

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