Training in occupational health information sources and knowledge infrastructure, Antalya, Türkiye (lecture, 2019)

During the Occupational and Environmental Diseases Congress in Antalya, Türkiye (March 2019) Frank van Dijk gave a lecture about training in occupational health information sources and knowledge infrastructure. Learning objectives were knowledge about finding reliable sources and about knowledge infrastructure. A second objective was to encourage a positive attitude toward developing and evaluating OSH information and education programs.

The presentation shows available sources and infrastructure for Dutch OSH professionals, international-orientated OSH professionals, primary and community health care professionals, and workers or managers. Many examples are given of good sources and a few results of evaluation studies.

Finally, recommendations are presented. There is a need to develop custom-made and evidence-based Q&A facilities, websites, apps, guidelines, and online learning materials. Governments, social partners, industrial branch organizations, professionals, and patient organizations have to show responsibility in the development and maintenance.

Workers, managers, and various committed professionals have to be trained in using online sources adequately. Open Access of information and education sources is vital. Evaluation (also scientific evaluation) is important. Finally, we need more international collaboration. For the presentation, see:

Antalya 2019 training OSH infrastr sources 2b-3


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