Marten (MJ) van Til (MD)

VU, Jobnummer 22889-1, i.o.v. VU & MC en Paula Philippo, reportage van afscheidssymposium van Marten van Til (bedrijfsarts) en directeur arbodienst VU en VUmc), met Toeac, Willem van Mechelen, Hans Meek, Leo Driesenaar, Han Anema, J. Maasen, locatie VU hoofdgebouw, auditoriumChair
Occupational physician. Head of the department of Health, Safety and Environment of VU-University and VU medical centre, Amsterdam the Netherlands, and retired in 2014. Experience in hearing impairment at the workplace and radiation protection. In the past member of the Advisory Board of the EMGO institute , member of the Board of the NSPOH and many other administrative activities in the field of occupational health.


Tar-Ching Aw, member of the International Advisory Board of LDOH has passed away suddenly…

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