A friend passed away

Tar-Ching Aw, member of the International Advisory Board of LDOH has passed away suddenly in UK, one week ago. This is sad news that shocked us.

We remember him as a wise international top expert in Occupational Health, but above all as a good friend to meet in every place in the world, often with a joke, respectful and sympathetic. We hoped to collaborate with him more in the future.

Recently Gert van der Laan worked with him in Milan on the issue of ILO monographs for occupational diseases. Many of LDOH staff knew him personally and admired his extraordinary expertise on occupational diseases, his charm and sense of humour. Conversations with him after the meetings were very enjoyable. We promised recently drinking a Guinness together in Dublin next year…


Chair Occupational physician. Head of the department of Health, Safety and Environment of VU-University…

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