Mumbai, India. Lecture on Basic Occupational Health Services, January 2020

ICOH Mumbai. Orientation to OH Workshop IAOH. Introduction BOHS. F van Dijk. January 2020

In a workshop Orientation on Occupational Health for not-medical experts in occupational safety and health, organized by the Indian Association of Occupational Health (IAOH), an introduction has been given on the topic Basic Occupational Health Services. The organization of the most essential care is needed for all those workers who have no access to regular expert-based care. Primary and community health care, well-trained and supported, can play a great role as has been demonstrated in a growing number of countries.

Nevertheless, still much work has to be done to support millions of informal workers, self-employed, workers in agriculture and in small enterprises. Many of these workers are working in poor labor conditions causing accidents, injuries and work-related diseases. These conditions are also threatening their families with poverty. A plea for more awareness and urgent action.


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