Free online Safety courses from INSA in Toulouse, France

The SEAMOnLine platform launches, among others, a number of free English versions of online trainings on ISO 9001, Process Safety, Functional Safety for Process Industry, Management and leadership for Safety, Nuclear Safety.

(accessed 25 November 2023)

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Functional Safety (Unit 1 free)

We are all familiar with the hazards of energy (thermal, electrical, kinetic, etc.) and toxicity. But functioning is also a source of danger. Yet, this functioning concerns many systems such as industrial installations or transport means (plane, train, car). ……………

Unit 1. Functional safety for the process industry sector IEC 61511 (free)

This free training course of about 12 hours will introduce you to an essential tool available to the process safety engineer to control the risks of installations.

Unité 1. Sécurité fonctionnelle des procédés IEC 61511 (version française)

Human & organizational factors

Process Safety (free)

Process Safety is about saving lives, avoiding injuries and protecting the environment. News bulletins remind us constantly that accidents occur all too often in industrial processes. The industries concerned range from small-scale fine chemical production to oil refining to food processing to processing agricultural waste products.
The problems can be summed up as the “big three”: fires, explosions and releases of toxic materials.

Safety Management (free)

Ensuring safety involves the use of models and techniques to identify, assess and treat the impacts of multiple hazards. It also requires the organization of activities that concern the people in charge of operations, as well as product designers and project managers. …………

Toxic Risks (Nuclear Safety free)

Thanks to this module, you will be able to identify chemical, radiation and biotechnology hazards that have an impact on humans and the environment, and then analyze and mitigate their effect.

Unit 1. Nuclear safety  (free)


  The materials are free to download at Course Materials Work and Health in…

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