Staff members of the foundation LDOH are lecturing in diverse courses, congresses and programs all over the world. In the years 2016 and 2017 they have given more than 50 lectures on occupational diseases, primary health care activities for workers’ health, education in OSH for agriculture, how to find reliable information and other topics. The foundation started with the development of own free accessible learning materials. In June 2017 we could launch on our website the new Library on online education in OSH.

The titles and locations of the lectures are published in the Annual Report 2014 – 2015 and the Annual Report 2016-2017.


Workshop how to find reliable information online

The LDOH has developed a 2.5 day interdisciplinary workshop on ‘How to find reliable information online’ for professionals and experts in Occupational Safety and Health. The first actual workshop was...

Tutorial Summer School in Kyrgyzstan, the LDOH lectures

Tutorial Summer School in Kyrgyzstan From 2-13  July 2018 a Summer School was organized in Kyrgyzstan with more than 40 participants and teachers, part of the EU Tutorial program. Participants came...