Download 43 presentations of ICOH Symposium on Education in OSH, Zagreb (October 2017)

The ICOH Symposium Education in OSH, emerging trends and unmet needs” was held in Zagreb, Croatia in October 2017, organized by the ICOH Scientific Committee Education and Training in Occupational Health, in collaboration with the committees on Rural Health and on Effectiveness in Occupational Health Services. The foundation LDOH was a main co-organizer. In this file you can find the PDFs of the 40 presentations.

You are entitled to use the presentations under the condition that the names of the authors and their affiliation(s) are mentioned as the source.

This is called: BY Attribution, in the Creative Commons approach.

Bastiaanssen, Work-related disorders, what can General Practitioners do. Netherlands

Bislimovska, Occ Med in Macedonia, teaching new generations. Macedonia

Bollmann, ENETOSH mainstreaming OSH into education. Germany

Bosio, ILO ITC, a new Master in Occupational Health program. Italy

Braeckman, Awareness, knowledge, practices on occup hazards among med students. Belgium 

Braeckman, Evaluation training ESPrIT project Turkey. Belgium.

Brumby, Blended learning in farmers health, lessons learned. Australia

Brumby, Introduction OSH in Agriculture in Australia, a course. Australia

Bubas, Teaching in interdisciplinary teamwork. Croatia

Buijs, How Primary Health Care can help reaching workers, Basic Occ Health care. Netherlands

Bulat, Occupational Health issues in Europe for Occ Physicians. Serbia

Chandrasekar, Social marketing focus in OSH education. India

Colosio, International Centre for Rural Health, ICRH Milan. Italy

Cvejanov-Kezunović, Teaching residents, students in holistic approach for workers’ hlth. Montenegro

Forst, Global Program in Occ Health Practice, Chicago. USA

Godnic-Cvar, Role of EASOM in educating Occ Health. Austria

Kajiki, Occupational Health issues in Japan especially for Occ Physicians. Japan

Kurtz, Course on educational methods in occupational safety and health. Germany

Kurtz, Education and training programs in Latin America. Germany

Kurtz, Radon, International MSc program in Latin America. Germany, Latin America

Lundqvist, Education in agricultural leadership. Sweden

Mattioli, Evidence-based prevention, evidence of effectiveness. Italy

Milosevic, Teaching under and post graduate Occ Medicine. Croatia

Moti, Occ Health education for Primary Care physicians in India; Mission BOHS. India

Mustajbegovic, Education in Occupational Medicine in Croatia. Croatia

Nemarnik, Attitudes of General Physicians about Occupational Diseases. Croatia

Orton, Occupational Health Nursing Education in Southern Africa. South Africa

Pauncu, AGROSH+, training Occ Med physicians and OSH experts in OSH agriculture. Romania

Pranjic, Educating Occ Hlth in undergraduate setting. Bosnia Herzegovina

Rautiainen, Safety culture, risk management in agriculture. SACURIMA. Finland, USA

Rosen, Interdisciplinary education and experiential learning in OSH. USA

Sulistomo, Training module occupational diseases diagnosis for Primary Care doctors. Indonesia

Titopoulou, OSH training and education in hospitals, health care institutions. Bulgaria

Toskic, Occ Med issues from the perspective of a family physician. Croatia

Van der Laan, Bird Watching, what is needed for workers’ health suveillance. Netherlands

Van der Laan, Repository of online OSH learning materials for agriculture. Netherlands

Van Dijk, Basic Occupational Health Care worldwide. Netherlands

Van Dijk, Lecture on the foundation Learning and Developing OH (LDOH), Netherlands

Van Dijk, Reseach needs and opportunities for education and training in OSH. Netherlands

Wagner, Are we teaching the right things. Global burden of disease study. Singapore

Wood, Training of OSH professionals in USA. USA

Zhou, OH issues and new challenges in a growing economy. China

Zungu, OSH training for Health Workers in South Africa. South Africa



The working group Core Values at Work of the ICOH Scientific Committee on Education…

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