Newsletter on Core Values at Work (2021, 2024)

The working group Core Values at Work of the ICOH Scientific Committee on Education and Training issued a first Newsletter.

“We are not replaceable. Our safety is the number-one priority.
We do not have a problem working. That is a big misconception
people have. We have a problem with the way we are treated.
We just want to be treated with respect.”
— Warehouse worker

“The most beautiful thing is knowing all of the other workers,
chatting with them, learning about their lives and their
experiences. I would try to encourage them and say,
‘Do not worry, paisano.’”
— Farm worker

More attention is needed for the core values at work for all involved: workers, managers and experts in OSH.  A greater awareness of these dimensions may give the experts a better understanding about what precisely we are doing, personally and as a movement to foster health, safety, well-being and meaningfulness at work.

The working group is searching for new members (also valid in 2024). If you feel attracted, please contact the members of the working group (see the Newsletter).

Core Values at Work, First Newsletter April 2021



Recently, the European Association of Schools of Occupational Medicine (EASOM) created a YouTube channel….

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