Category: Education – development, evaluation and dissemination

Education is a category used before the great change in October 2019. The category includes a variety of topics: mostly lectures and courses that we (LDOH) have given, but also projects in this field and other educational issues. At 11 September 2019 we stopped the presentation of this category in the menu. We attributed the posts earlier attributed to Education to one or more of three new categories:
What education LDOH offers, What education LDOH has given, and Courses and MOOCs.

In June 2024 we changed policy again. The categories What education LDOH offers and What education LDOH has given, were stopped. Under the new category Education, development, evaluation, and dissemination we present studies and other sources on the development, evaluation, and dissemination of OSH education. Lectures and workshops on specific topics such as How to find information, or BOHS, are transferred to the categories containing these topics. These lectures etc. are no longer added to the new category Education: development, evaluation, and dissemination.

Newsletter on Core Values at Work (2021, 2024)

The working group Core Values at Work of the ICOH Scientific Committee on Education and Training issued a first Newsletter. “We are not replaceable. Our safety is the…