The foundation LDOH has the aim to stimulate the development and sharing of education in Occupational Safety and Health. We have most experience in the education of professionals working in occupational health care and we are active in the education of primary and community health care professionals as far as related to workers’ health. Special expertise is available on the topic of work and health in agriculture.

We think that there are many opportunities for better collaboration and for an exchange of visions and learning materials that are not yet being used. The quality of education and training could be enhanced. New initiatives can come from individual teachers and developers of education, but also from the Schools and Departments that organize education and training in Occupational Safety and Health. Online and blended learning offers great opportunities. At this moment we see a rapid increase in online international webinars.

Pioneering international organizations are EASOM (European Association of Schools of Occupational Medicine), IOMSC (International Occupational Medicine Society Collaborative), OHTA (Occupational Hygiene Training Association, ENETOSH (European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health), ICOH (Scientific Committee on Education and Training in OH), and WHWB (Workplace Health Without Borders).

In 2017 we started our international e-library for online learning materials (lessons, modules, courses). We offer a variety of international quality materials on OSH that offer more than just a series of slides, that teachers and students can use. We are curious to know from educators about opportunities to bring in materials that we do not yet know.

At this moment (2024) we are exploring options for a more close collaboration on education with other international organizations.

LDOH staff members are lecturing in diverse courses, congresses and programs all over the world. Current topics are activities for workers’ health in primary or community health care (BOHS), education in OSH for agriculture, and finding reliable online information on OSH. We also offer a free digital book on how to find reliable information online (third edition in English, Spanish, and Turkish), see our shop. Various scientific articles are free to download as well.