Category: Work-Related and Occupational Diseases

LDOH has expertise in work-related diseases and occupational diseases. For work-related diseases, work demands or conditions have a causal role in the origin of the disease. In some cases work has a dominant contribution, in other cases a multi-causal model is most appropriate. Prevention of exposure will lead to less health complaints and diseases for workers.
Occupational disease can be regarded as a specific category of the work-related diseases, with a more dominant role of work as a causal factor. Most countries have lists of recognized ‘occupational diseases’ for reasons of financial compensation and other support such as free rehabilitation and re-education. These lists are different in different countries.
The expertise in LDOH is on international lists (EU, WHO, ILO) and related or included authoritative descriptions and recommendations for the diagnostics of occupational (work-related) diseases. We have expertise on improvement of national statistics for work-related/occupational diseases, notification systems, education of OSH professionals, diagnostic strategies and workers’ health surveillance as a preventive strategy. We have expertise on how to find reliable information online in case of a worker with a suspected occupational disease.

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