Workers Health, WONCA Special Interest Group (WONCA website, Annual report, 2018)

Workers Health is the topic of a Special Interest Group (SIG) of WONCA since 2017. A short report was published at the WONCA website about the first year of activities. The group was represented by Peter Buijs and Frank van Dijk during the WONCA Europe Congress held in Prague in 2017, developing a Workshop on Workers Health. Meanwhile Garth Manning, Viviana Martinez Bianchi, Carolina Jara and Ezequiel Lopez assisted WONCA CIMF Conference in Perú, where they presented the Workshop on Primary Care and Workers Health. Frank van Dijk has given a lecture in Guatemala at the ALSO congress on the topic.

Finally, the outstanding participation has mentioned during the ICOH World Congress in Dublin in May 2018. Garth Manning (CEO of WONCA), Frank van Dijk, Peter Buijs and Ezequiel Lopez participated in a Workshop on PHC and Workers Health, with the participation of Dr. Jukka Takala, ICOH President among other distinguished participants from many different countries. We renewed our commitment to work together with ICOH and other organizations with the decision to generate a specific agenda and meetings for the discussion of Workers Health.

We continue to have as goals to organize a work conference on basic workers’ health care in PHC settings. To enhance communication between members we developed an SIG email Group, which can be accessed through our web page. This group already comprises 25 family and occupational health specialists from different regions

We are also present on Twitter at @PCWorkersHealth and also in Linkedin at WONCA Special Interest Group on Workers Health. WONCA Salud de los Trabajadores.



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