Mumbai, India. Workshop “Orientation on Occupational Health”, lecture for non-medical OSH experts, on Basic Occupational Health Services (2020)

ICOH Mumbai. Orientation to OH Workshop IAOH. Introduction BOHS. F van Dijk. January 2020

At the national ICOH conference held in Mumbai, India in January/February 2020, Frank van Dijk gave an introductory lecture on the topic of Basic Occupational Health Services (BOHS) during a Workshop ‘Orientation to Occupational Health’ organized by the Indian Association of Occupational Health (IAOH) for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) experts with no or a limited medical background. The purpose was to introduce the topic BOHS, to promote a better understanding and good collaboration.

The organization of the most essential care is needed for all those workers without access to regular expert-based OSH care. Primary and community health care, well-trained and supported, can play a great role as has been demonstrated in a growing number of countries. Much work has to be done to support millions of informal workers, self-employed, workers in agriculture and in small enterprises. Many of these workers are working in poor labor conditions causing accidents, injuries and work-related diseases. These conditions are also threatening their families with poverty. A plea for more awareness and urgent action. Many more OSH experts are urgently needed for education, referrals, and support.



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