Contributions on Basic Occupational Health Services at ICOH 2022 global congress (links to ten abstracts, 2022)

Ten abstracts on Basic Occupational Health Services (BOHS), from the online ICOH Congress on Occupational Health, 6-10 February 2022.

The link offers direct links to the abstracts, all published in the Safety and Health at Work journal (2022, Supplement January 2022: Pg S1 – S332).

Links to abstracts on BOHS in ICOH Congress 2022

The first three abstracts are related to three semi-plenary lectures.

(1) Basic health care/family and workers’ health programs performed by occupational health professionals among vulnerable populations, by Dias and Gomes De Lima (Brazil).

(2) Protecting the Unprotected – Occupational health and safety among informal workers in Southern Africa, by Naidoo.

(3) Quality assurance approach for basic occupational health services provided by Primary Care Units (PCUs) in Thailand, an example for others? by Untimanon and colleagues.

Next, the abstracts are presented of the Special Session 5:  Development of Basic Occupational Health Services, more needed than ever.

(4) Suvarna Moti presented ‘Video-based Modular Training on Occupational Health risks in Informal Work for Primary Care Physicians in India’.

(5) Astrid Sulistomo introduced the topic ‘ Recent Approaches to Increase Access to BOHS for the Indonesian Worker Population by Government and Medical Schools’

(6) Somkiat Siriruttanapruk from Thailand presented a lecture on the development of tools and interventions for the improvement of Basic Occupational Health Services (BOHS) in Thailand.

(7) Somnath Gangopadhyay from India stressed the contribution of ergonomics and hygiene as disciplines in the lecture ‘Occupational Ergonomics and Industrial Hygiene for Evaluation of Health-Related Hazards in Informal Sectors and SMEs’.

The collection concludes with three other abstracts.

(8) Tauhid Hossain Khan and Ellen MacEachen: ‘A furnished house without walls: Examining the work and health support systems of self-employed workers in Ontario, Canada.’

(9) Florence Moyo Baines: ‘The Profile of OHS Amongst Informal Traders in GWERU- A Case of Zimbabwe’.

(10) Luis Betancourt and Vladimir Cuenca (Colombia): ‘Occupational Health for Informal Workers: A Review of Approaches to Care’.


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