About us


The LDOH (Learning and Development of Occupational Health) is an international foundation, not-for-profit, founded in July 2014. The international experts connected with LDOH have a long tradition of national and international activities in the OH field, working in a wide variety of academic, professional and educational functions. They showed leadership nationally and internationally in research, development, education and information in occupational health. Programs and projects were completed in many countries, mostly working in international teams and often in connection with international organizations such as WHO, ICOH, IOHA, WONCA and EASOM.

The foundation LDOH has the mission to support professionals through developing and promoting good quality education and information on Occupational Safety and Health. Our focus is on supporting Occupational Safety and Health experts, committed primary and community health care professionals and volunteers, and other experts e.g. working at branch level. We strive to contribute in meeting the huge global need for innovation, good education, training and information. In this effort we want to join other initiatives in the overarching objective of Universal Health Coverage (WHO).

The Library of Education in Occupational Safety and Health giving easy access to mostly free online lessons and courses from all over the world is one of the free services of the foundation.

The LDOH is an official Charity according to Dutch law.

Sponsor policy

Has to be developed.

Remuneration policy

The Foundation LDOH has a written remuneration policy.

You can find the document hereĀ LDOH Remuneration policy 23-2-2017

Collaborations and Partners

We cooperate actively with universities, R&D institutes, schools for graduate and postgraduate education and continuous professional development (CME) for OSH professionals, professional associations, social security institutions, sector and branch organizations, and social partners. Internationally, we collaborate with WHO, ICOH and WONCA, and plan to collaborate with ILO and ISSA. International and interdisciplinary collaboration is not a luxury, it is a must.

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